The underwater world might be the most unique landscape on our planet. In this three dimensional world, you are not tethered to the land, but can move freely in all directions. With long fins, mask, snorkel, a wetsuit, and a weight belt, Karim uses the practice of freediving, to explore and document the underwater world and the creatures that live within it. Freediving, or Apnea, is dive on a single breath of air without any oxygen tanks or scuba equipment. Karim’s greatest passion is in documenting the underwater world, particularly whales.

 “They are fascinating animals that move through the ocean like birds, submarines, or space ships. Being underwater is my favorite place to be. My body and camera are weightless, and the animals that move around are strange and beautiful. Light beams dance as breaking waves above look like storms, turtles feed on algae like cows, whales the size of buses battle and care for their young." - Karim

Karim focuses a lot of his time on personal projects photographing the marine world in an effort to aid conservation and marine research efforts.
If you are involved in Marine conservation and looking for underwater imagery, or you have a story to tell, please let us know

About Drone







Drones have changed the world of photography and film by allowing people to document and create images from places they could not physically get to. With drones, you now have a 3 dimensional space where your only limitation is your imagination and ability to operate the drone.

Karim has spent more than a thousand hours and flown drones in over 20 countries in a variety of complex environments in the arctic, through forests and cities, and between waves the size of buildings. Karim uses drones to put humans and animals into perspective of the environment they live, work, and play in. As well as photographing wildlife and landscapes from the air, Karim specializes in filming high speed extreme sports like windsurfing, surfing, and kayaking. This is small look at our world from a bird's eye view.




We live on an incredible planet, full of natural wonders, and the most strange and harsh landscapes.  Deserts that span in all directions and wastelands of snow and ice. 

This gallery is a glimpse of the beauty of our planet, and it’s wild phenomena. In the far north, the aurora borealis (northern lights) dance like spirits in the sky above the frozen nights. In other places, lava from the belly of our planet busts into the skies and oceans creating new land like the islands of Hawaii. Karim has travelled to over 40 countries photographing landscapes across the world. 







Humans are arguably the most dynamic animals on the planet. Masters at adaption, we have colonized almost every ecosystem on the planet, even Antarctica.  We are vastly different in the way that we live and work, and yet we are all connected. This gallery contains a small glimpse into the lives of humans across a variety of landscapes.  Karim is fascinated by the daily lives of people across the world. What is a normal day to a business person in Japan, is vastly different to the life of an Egyptian bedouin camel herder, a seal hunter in Greenland, or a pro Surfer in Hawaii. In this gallery is a mix of documentary, fashion, and sports Photography, a look into the lives of one of the most complex species on the planet.




With the domestication of animals, humans came to see themselves as the masters of the planet, and the animals living upon it beasts or servants to be killed for food, put to work, or placed on this planet to serve our needs. But a closer look into the lives of animals reveals a fascinating and complex world. There are animals that seemingly have superpowers; sperm whales that can stun and paralyze other animals from a distance using sonar, lizards and salamanders that can regrow limbs, birds that can fly for half a year, large hunting cats that can take down elephants, and insects that change shape, size, and even grow wings. We live in a world where each species is more incredible than the last. Karim seeks to document the lives of animals both big and small, and reveal the beauty of all life on earth.

Much of our technology and medicines we use every day are based off animals that have evolved over millions of years to master their environment. From airplane wings inspired by birds, to medicinal properties from plants. and windmill propellers inspired by a humpback whale’s fins, our plants and animals are a library of nature's greatest secrets. Humans are expanding at a rapid rate and species are going extinct, lost forever before we have the chance to even find them. We live in an interconnected ecosystem, where the collapse of one species affects us all.  Wildlife conservation is one of Karim’s biggest focuses with his photography. It is an area he feels very strongly about. Karim works to use wildlife photography to document and create appreciation of the species that inhabit this planet, and remind us that we are very much a part of this great web of life on Earth