Swim With Humpback Whales

Join Karim and a small group on a 5-7 day trip swimming and photographing (optional) humpback whales


Humpback whales are often called the gentle giants.  They are one of the most dynamic interesting animals to interact with. Every year during the months of August - October, humpbacks come to the island of Vava’u Tonga, to mate and have their babies.  

"Looking into the eye of a humpback whale is an indescribable experience that will change your life, I have been around the world and seen incredible things. Volcanoes exploding their guts into the night sky, the northern lights dancing across the winter landscapes of Iceland and sailing across the greek isles; but nothing comes close to encountering humpbacks whales underwater. It is a place where I have experienced the strongest emotions of love and humility, and watched grown adults brought to tears. It changed my life, and has made me want to spend my life interacting with and documenting these animals, and to be able to share that with the world through my images and films." - Karim Iliya

Swimming with the humpbacks is on their own terms in a respectful way so as not to disturb the animals. 

For more information and booking please visit the DANCE WITH WHALES webpage.

2019  -     OPEN