The underwater world might be the most unique landscape on our planet. In this three dimensional world, you are not tethered to the land, but can move freely in all directions. With long fins, mask, snorkel, a wetsuit, and a weight belt, Karim uses the practice of freediving, to explore and document the underwater world and the creatures that live within it. Freediving, or Apnea, is dive on a single breath of air without any oxygen tanks or scuba equipment. Karim’s greatest passion is in documenting the underwater world, particularly whales.

 “They are fascinating animals that move through the ocean like birds, submarines, or space ships. Being underwater is my favorite place to be. My body and camera are weightless, and the animals that move around are strange and beautiful. Light beams dance as breaking waves above look like storms, turtles feed on algae like cows, whales the size of buses battle and care for their young." - Karim

Karim focuses a lot of his time on personal projects photographing the marine world in an effort to aid conservation and marine research efforts.
If you are involved in Marine conservation and looking for underwater imagery, or you have a story to tell, please let us know