With the domestication of animals, humans came to see themselves as the masters of the planet, and the animals living upon it beasts or servants to be killed for food, put to work, or placed on this planet to serve our needs. But a closer look into the lives of animals reveals a fascinating and complex world. There are animals that seemingly have superpowers; sperm whales that can stun and paralyze other animals from a distance using sonar, lizards and salamanders that can regrow limbs, birds that can fly for half a year, large hunting cats that can take down elephants, and insects that change shape, size, and even grow wings. We live in a world where each species is more incredible than the last. Karim seeks to document the lives of animals both big and small, and reveal the beauty of all life on earth.

Much of our technology and medicines we use every day are based off animals that have evolved over millions of years to master their environment. From airplane wings inspired by birds, to medicinal properties from plants. and windmill propellers inspired by a humpback whale’s fins, our plants and animals are a library of nature's greatest secrets. Humans are expanding at a rapid rate and species are going extinct, lost forever before we have the chance to even find them. We live in an interconnected ecosystem, where the collapse of one species affects us all.  Wildlife conservation is one of Karim’s biggest focuses with his photography. It is an area he feels very strongly about. Karim works to use wildlife photography to document and create appreciation of the species that inhabit this planet, and remind us that we are very much a part of this great web of life on Earth